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The EPA approved revised labels for Engenia, FeXapan, and XtendiMax on Friday, October 13th.  They have aligned the labels to coincide with each other which will make it much easier. The biggest change is that now these products are Restricted Use Products (RUP).  This means that only certified applicators, or those under their guidance, will be allowed  to purchase and apply these products. Record keeping is required of all applications. The label will list the full requirements but applicators have 14 days to generate the records and the records must be kept for at least two years. The rainfree requirement is 24 hours between application and either a rainfall or irrigation.  Only daytime applications, between sunrise and sunset, are permitted. Applications are not permitted when the conditions exists for a temperature inversion. The sprayer must be cleaned both before and after application. Cleanout procedures must be documented as part of the RUP (date and method, as a minimum).  Maximum travel speed is 15 mph with a recommendation of 5 mph on field borders. All supplemental labels are now combined into the main label. The use of an approved buffering agent may be warrented if the water source or tank mix components will create an acidic spray solution less than a pH of 5.  In addition, sensitive crop awareness as part of the RUP by documenting that the applicator, at a minimum, surveyed neighboring fields or consulted a sensitive crops registry.

Since Alabama had a 24c last year, some of the same regulations will apply in the new label that were implemented in our 24c label last year. These include that applicators must complete an auxin-specific training, wind speed may not exceed 10 mph with the range being 3-10 mph, and not applying the herbicide when the wind is blowing in the direction of sensitive crops or downwind of the crop.

Alabama may make restrictions in addition to the main federal label. Decisions on this will be made soon and information will be forthcoming.

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