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‚ÄčThere are 16 essential plant nutrients for plant growth. Some of those nutrients are derived from the environment such as Hydrogen, Carbon and Oxygen.  Then there are the macro nutrients which are used in much larger amounts such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.  The micro nutrients, which are used in very small amounts in plant growth and development, are Iron, Manganese, Boron, Chlorine, Copper, Zinc and Molybdenum.  Lastly, there are the secondary nutrients used in moderate amounts, Magnesium, Calcium and Sulfur.  Sulfur is often overlooked because many have adopted the practice of adding Sulfur to the fertility program when fertilizing Cotton. Sulfur deficiency is recognizable by the yellowing of younger leaves while older foliage maintains its deep green color.

Read more about sulfur requirements in cotton and management of sulfur deficiencies in the attached timely information sheet.

Sulfur in Cotton TI.pdf


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