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Currently, much of Alabama is either abnormally dry, in a moderate drought, or in a severe drought. As we have had to deal with drought conditions way too often in recent years, longer-term forecasts predict dry to droughty conditions will persist for much of Alabama throughout 2017. Hopefully that will not be the case, but if it is, making plans now to deal with potentially limited feed, forage, and water conditions could pay dividends down the road. In an effort to provide adequate supplies of feed, forage, and/or water, some options to consider include: 

  1. Culling unproductive animals now, thus preserving limited feed and water resources for productive cattle.
  2. Begin rationing feed and hay now, in anticipation of greater than normal use over a potentially dry summer.
  3. Transporting adequate feed to the farm.
  4. If ponds and wells that are normally used for watering cattle are at risk of running dry, consider alternative sources of water.
  5. Transporting cattle to a farm with adequate feed and water.
For more information about general culling strategies for beef cattle, please see the attached Timely Information Bulletin.

Timely Information - Culling strategies for beef cattle operations.pdf 


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