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sunset When the temperatures start to dive, it's time to prepare for winter. Alabama doesn’t experience prolonged exposure to snow or ice, but when we do have snow or rain/ice events, we can successfully manage our experiences. How?

Get a kit. Build a winter weather emergency kit tailored for you and your family. The general rule is to have enough supplies on hand for at least three days for each person in your household. However, if you can manage to include additional water and food, you will be in a better position to take care of yourself and your family. Be sure to have access to adequate warm clothing and blankets.

If you experience an ice storm, you may also experience a power outage. Remember these important rules when using alternate heat sources.

  1. Never use generators, grills, or camp stoves inside your home, basement, garage or camper, or even outside near an open window.
  2. Use the proper fuel for the heating appliance.
  3. Cross-ventilate a room if you are using a catalytic or unvented heater. Open a window an inch on each side of the room.

Make a plan. The best thing to do if severe weather is forecast is to stay put, but if you must travel during severe weather, be sure someone knows your departure time and expected travel route. Call when you have reached your destination. Check traffic information provided by the Alabama Department of Transportation before you start.

Staying where you are—sheltering in place—is a good idea if the roads are not safe. Plan how you will prepare meals if the power is out for an extended period of time. In addition to cooking, you should plan how you will keep your food and water safe while the power is out.

Be informed. Learn weather terms. Listen to your local radio and television stations for the most current weather information. Tune your NOAA weather radio to your area.

Get a kit. Make a plan. Be informed. It’s that simple.



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