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Preparedness is a year-round process. However, September is when there is a media focus on building awareness of preparing for emergencies.

Have you thought of about being prepared for an emergency in 2013 and beyond?

When storms were forecast for your area – Did you buy a weather radio? Did you stock up on non-perishable items?

When you renewed your homeowners insurance – Did you check to make sure you were covered by tornadoes and/or floods (depending on where you live). Did you place important papers in a secure location – on a digital cloud perhaps?

When you sent your child off to school – Did you have a plan a place on where to meet if for some reason you couldn’t pick up your child – Did your child know the plan?

Many people haven’t given much through to being prepared for an emergency. And when an emergency happens – whether it is a car accident, home fire, or a flood – they often do not know where to turn. Coping after an emergency is stressful and if we deal with stress positively we can manage it.
Preparedness reduces stress. You can train yourself to cope with emergencies, by making a plan and rehearsing it. It is what fireman, policemen, and disaster responses teams do.

Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Ready Program​ provides a framework for people and organizations to plan and prepare for emergencies. Visit the site at

Be Informed – What to do Before, during , and After an Emergency

Make A Plan – Prepare, Plan, and Stay Informed During an Emergency 

Build a Kit – Build a Kit for Disasters to be prepared

Get Involved – Find Opportunities to Support Community Preparedness 

If you are looking for Alabama resources the Alabama Emergency Management Agency is a start. - they have a twitter account @Alabama EMA that is a an excellent resource in an emergency.

A county of listing of EMAs can be found at​- Call and find out if there are any training opportunities in your area.

Red Cross of Alabama has training opportunities also --

Submitted by Donna R. Shanklin, Regional Extension Agent - Human Nutrition, Diet & Health, 256-200-2997



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