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Preschoolers are making food choices everyday, and many of their food choices are made by observing the people around them. If they have a brother or sister that don't like fruits and vegetables then they may not like fruits and vegetables. They don't eat the food because they have tried the food, but because they are modeling the behavior of the people around them.

carolyn dunn.jpg
Carolyn Dunn - Co-Creator of Color Me Healthy

group pic sm.jpg
Participants at the Color Me Healthy Training in Montgomery 1 -22-15
Color Me Healthy, a research-based preschool curriculum, has found that when 4 and 5 year olds are introduced to fruits and vegetables in a fun, interactive medium through their daycare or Head Start, they can learn to like fruits and vegetables, recognize them, and know where they are grown (on a tree, on the ground, underground). Studies have shown that they ask for items at home too.

Recently, Regional Extension Agents in Human, Nutrition, Diet & Health, and others came together to learn about Color Me Healthy and how to implement it successfully in Alabama. Carolyn Dunn, co-creator of Color Me Healthy came to train the participants.

carolyn tera sm.jpg
Participants got to let their inner child out while acting out sessions of the curriculum
elaine sharon sm.jpg
Participants reviewed the 12 session curriculum

The program will be offered in several counties in 2015 depending on the interest of daycare and Head Starts Centers in the counties. To view information about the curriculum visit To see if the program is being offered in your area contact your County Office.


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