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​Please join us for this webinar series for information you can use about good and bad insects.  Topics will include how you can help good insects in your garden and how to control insects we think of as bad, like fire ants, termites, bed bugs, white grubs, and wasps.  Moles, squirrels, and rats aren't insects but they are troublesome, so we will have a webinar about them too.  The series begins with a February 6 webinar presented by Kaci Buhl: "Pesticide Strategy: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." Webinars will be on the first Friday of each month at 2 p.m. Eastern time.  For more informatin see All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series Resumes Feb. 6.2015 Webinar Schedule.jpg



4/30/2015 12:50 PM
What is the safest way to get rid of ANTS?

Charles Smith

Ellen Huckabay

4/30/2015 1:45 PM
Mr. Smith,

First all, I'm assuming that you mean fire ants, and also that  you are referring to how to get rid of them in your home landscape. The best solution is to use the 2-step method: apply a fire ant bait twice a year for long term control, and follow-up with mound treatments for pesky mounds you need to get rid of immediately.

A list of products can be found at: https://store.aces.edu/ItemDetail.aspx?ProductID=13505&SeriesCode=&CategoryID=&Keyword=fire%20ant%20control