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Spring really is a time of wonder.  Our landscapes and nearby woodlands seemed drab and grey for several months.  Then suddenly, they appear to burst into life.  Most observers feel inspired by this cycle whether they're plant lovers or not.

Garden tours are one way to celebrate spring.  Several of our state's Extension Master Gardener groups sponsor varied garden/plant related activities to nurture the passion for all things garden related. 

Lee Co MG garden tour 2014 - St John garden.JPGThe Lee County Master Gardeners are hosting their biennial tour event in May.  This now highly anticipated event, is offered in even-numbered  years, generally on the weekend following Mother's Day. It is their largest event for the community. The goal is to share a variety of gardens, differing in style, size, and materials, but rich in inspiration. The garden tour stretches from Auburn to Opelika and includes a few other surprises outside city limits. Each stop is unique and provides educational information – a plant list of key plants in each garden, tags showing the scientific and common names of plants, a brief history and description of the development of each garden, and Alabama Extension System handouts relevant to the features of each garden. Visitors are encouraged to take notes to remember the ideas to use later and ask questions to learn more about gardening. Thanks to many community friends, long hours of preparation, and sponsors, this MG association in partnership with Alabama Extension is eager to share the joy of springtime with you.

Advance purchase tickets are $20 and can be found at Ace Hardware, Blooming Colors, and The Flower Store in Auburn, and at the Auburn & Opelika Chambers of Commerce.  Tickets are available for $25 at any of the gardens during the tour.  Tour dates/hours are Saturday, May 17 10:00-5:00 & Sunday, May 18 1:00-6:00.
For more information email Sarah, Jolly, and Susan at 2014GardenTour@gmail.com .


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