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The Alabama Cooperative Extension System

is offering four 'Home Grown'

Tomato Workshops throughout the state


"All about Tomatoes"


The tomato is by far the most popular plant in the vegetable garden, but it can also be the most problematic. There are so many things to watch for when growing tomatoes to insure you have a healthy crop. This year the Alabama Cooperative Extension System is again offering a "Home Grown" workshop on "All Things Tomatoes."

Have you ever wondered why one year your tomato crop is excellent and then the next year you have no luck at all? Or why the flower blooms and immature fruit suddenly drop from the plant to the ground? Also we will cover insects in the garden and how to control them and the best management practices to lessen the likelihood and spread of diseases on your tomatoes.

We will cover these topics and questions along with many more and give you tons of information that you can take home and apply to this years tomato crop and hopefully help you have more success with your tomatoes year after year.


The Alabama Cooperative Extension System will offer its public

'Home Grown' Workshops

April 6th at Grace Episcopal Church in Montgomery, Alabama.

April 15th at the ALFA Building on Hwy 50 East in LaFayette, Alabama.

April 20th at the First Baptist Church in Sylacauga, Alabama.

April 28th at the Heflin Community Arts Center in Heflin, Alabama.


All Tomato Workshops are from 9:00-3:00 and the cost to register is $15 which includes lunch.

Pre-Registration is required and to access the registration form and for more information please visit: http://www.aces.edu/homegarden/HomeGrown.php


Topics to be discussed at this Tomato Workshop include: Weather Challenges, Garden Insects, Viral, Fungal and Bacterial problems, and Disorders such as: Blossom end rot, deformed fruit shape, odd color splotches, cracking of the fruit, and reasons for early aborting of flower and fruit. Also we will have a Homemade Salsa Making demonstration.

New and Experienced gardeners are encouraged to attend!!

Mallory Kelley is a Regional Extension Agent for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System serving Central Alabama.


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