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It happens every year.  I feel hesitantly excited when the day time temp's rise above 60 degrees for several days.  This year, it's especially tempting to run out and plant the garden.  Us Southerners have a low threshold tolerance for number of days indoors.  And I don't know about you, but my threshold for number of days with tempertures below 30 degrees was met back in January!
I digress.......  While the maples, elms and daffodils tell us that spring has sprung, be cautious about starting a new garden project too early.  It is unlikely that south Alabama will have another frost or cold night in the 30's, but central and north Alabama could still see one more cold snap.  Remember the year it snowed in April 1987?
Yes, I do know the temptation strength of warmer days.  However, I personally will do my best to resist that temptation to run out and buy trunk loads of annuals and/or vegetables for the garden...... Hmmm - maybe I'll buy just a few to appease my hope for a warmer day.


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