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Picture 091.jpgIt is September, and in the South most folks are settling back into a routine after summer.  School is back in session and football season is here.  But fall is also a time to think about investing in the future of your forest.  Late summer and fall months are the best times to order tree seedlings to reforest your land.

Many folks think that re-planting their forest with tree seedlings is just too expensive.  A recent survey of Southern land managers found that replanting with bare-root tree seedlings costs an average of about $80.00 per acre.  And while that can seem like a lot of money, think about the cost of not reforesting.  Forests that are not actively managed are not working for you, as less desirable (and lower value) species are often what result – like sweet gum!

If you still have a healthy forest overstory, and planting is just too expensive, perhaps you could consider natural regeneration.  This is also the time to take a look at cone crops, and to make sure that your understory is in good condition to catch future seed crops.

Regardless, of your regeneration plans, now is the time to act! Contact a registered forester or your local State Agency office .  They can help you put that plan into action.


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