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‚Äč20180120_102139.jpgThe Alabama Invasive Plant Council, working with ACES personnel, recently received a small grant from the US Forest Service to help with invasive plant control and outreach at Lagoon Park in Montgomery. Lagoon Park was created several decades ago from a 176 acre disturbed riparian site that was donated to the city of Montgomery. Invasive species were present on the site and have become much more extensive over the years. Lagoon Park Trail volunteers have valiantly cleared invasive plants to establish 6 miles of trails over the years, but invasive plants still abound. Chinese privet and nandina are found throughout the understory of much of the park, while extensive groves of Chinese tallowtree (popcorn tree) lines many of the water ways. Also found are Bradford pear, Japanese and glossy privets, Chinaberry, mimosa (silktree) and thorny olive.

The objectives of the grant are to provide funds and expertise to take the control efforts at the park to the next level and to educate park visitors through demonstrations, interpretive signs and workdays.  

The first workday was held Saturday morning, Jan 20. Luckily most of the snow from earlier in the week had melted! Using cut stump treatments, volunteers cleared a lot of privet and nandina from alongside one of the upper trails. A dozen people can get a lot done in half a day!

For more information on Chinese privet control and cut stump treatments, see:



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