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mosleywalker.pngWhen it comes to natural resource management in Alabama, we have A LOT of great people doing A LOT of great things.  And I'm not talking about all the skilled professionals in our natural resource agencies and non-governmental organizations who are indeed doing a fabulous job in protecting, managing, and conserving our state's valuable resources.  What I'm really talking about are all those average ordinary private citizens who have volunteered a substantial amount of their time, energy, and in some cases personal financial resources, to help make sure current and future generations of Alabamians are able to enjoy productive forests, abundant wildlife, clean water, and fresh air.  From participation on county natural resource committees to hosting field days on their property to educate others, some volunteers go far above and beyond what could ever be expected of them.  It becomes a passion for them.  One such volunteer is Dr. Max Walker who recently was the recipient of a W. Kelly Mosley Environmental Award recognizing his voluntary contributions to the promotion of the wise use of Alabama natural resources.

As an owner of a certified Tree Farm and TREASURE forest, Dr. Walker has always been an active promoter of wise use management of Alabama natural resources.  Through his leadership and support roles in the Crenshaw County TREASURE Forest Chapter, Soil and Water Conservation District, and Forestry Planning Committees, Dr. Walker has made significant contributions to educate forest landowners of the value of proper forest and natural resource management.  Dr. Walker also has a passion for youth activities that not only educate youth about our natural resources but also develop leadership skills. He has been an active supporter of youth programs including Classroom in the Forest, Farm Safety Day, and Farm City Week.  The above represents only a few of the activities Dr. Walker has been involved with.  We don't have enough space in this blog to cover all his contributions!


So if you know of someone like Dr. Walker who has really made a difference, please consider nominating them for a W. Kelly Mosley Environmental Award.  Yes, it takes time to develop a good nomination, but it's the right thing to do for people who are doing the right thing!


For over 30 years the W. Kelly Mosley Environmental Award for Achievement in Forestry, Wildlife and Related Resources recognizes has recognized those "unsung heroes" who have voluntarily contributed significantly to the wise stewardship of Alabama's natural resources.   These volunteer efforts may be in, for example, forestry, wildlife, fisheries, soil, water, air, wildflowers, non-game wildlife, environmental education, conservation, or urban forestry.  Almost anyone may be eligible - youths, adults, practitioners, professionals, technicians, individual citizens, and groups - if their voluntary contributions have resulted in the wiser use of our natural resources and the betterment of our communities.  To learn more about the W. Kelly Mosley Environmental Awards Program or to submit a nomination, please visit our website at http://www.aces.edu/natural-resources/mosley/.

Caption for the photo:  Dr. Max Walker (center) receives a W. Kelly Mosley Environmental Award from Dr. Mark Smith (left), executive secretary of the Mosley Awards Program and Crenshaw County Extension Coordinator Derek Bryan who nominated Dr. Walker for the award.

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