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As we continued our investigation into "The case of the dying pines", the landowner stated that his trees were about 22 or so years old.  We looked around the base of the trees for sawdust or other signs of insect activity – like pitch tubes, but didn't see anything.  The landowner then cut down some of the dying trees so we could take a closer look at the stem further up the tree.  Once the trees were on the ground, we noticed bark was missing on the upper bole of the tree.  Upon closer examination we found "galleries" in the wood on the main stem in the area of the tree crown.  The pictures here show those galleries and larva.  Notice the shape of the galleries.  Do they look more "S" shaped, "H" shaped, or "Y" shaped?  Hmmmm...  Time to look for more evidence…  Check back tomorrow as we continue to report on what we found.

IMG_0719.JPG IMG_0711.JPGIMG_0715.JPG


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