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“White Rabbit,” staring Britt Robertson (“Tomorrowland”), Nick Krause (“Boyhood”) and Sam Trammel (“True Blood”) is about a high school shooter in the making, and the devastating effects of teen bullying. Jordan Roberts, executive producer of the movie states, “Our writer, Anthony Di Pietro, was brilliant. He basically looked at: What are the four elements of the composite of most high school shooters? A lot of them suffer from parental neglect, mental illness, access to guns and they were bullied.”

The film tackles a powerful subject, but executive producer Jordan Roberts says she hopes parents watch it with their own children who are 13 and older. Roberts believes that although the film is not rated, the content would probably earn a PG-13.

Roberts’ vision was produced by SSS Entertainment and Burning Sky Films, and distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures.

To see the trailer: http://youtu.be/gCUSBraayvo​


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