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‘Twas the month of December
When all through the family tree
Every member was stirring
In search of gifts to keep them strong and healthy!
They looked high and low
Under pie and mistletoe
When it dawned on them all the resources
Their local Extension had to bestow!
 Ho, Ho, Ho…
Searching for gifts that keep on giving?  Alabama Extension has programs and resources to help make the seasons bright throughout the year for you and your family!  Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Extension has educational goodies that are research-based, timely and concise!  Unwrap these tools and more from Extension’s Family and Consumer Science department this season!
Family and Child Development: “Kids from 1 to 92,” you’re covered!   Family and Child Development (FCD) covers youth to parents and caregivers across the lifespan.  Programs address bullying, healthy relationships for both teens and adults and include a series of workshops and classes focused in enriching parenting skills and promoting family strengths.  Publications are also available for beginning and veteran parents addressing key developmental stages and issues for infants to teens as well as health and wellness for individuals and couples.
Nutrition, Diet and Health: “Parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting” are the tasty temptation of the season; however, Extension offers resources to help Alabamians improve and maintain overall healthy lifestyles across seasons.  From healthy cooking schools to research-based educational publications providing fundamental health and wellness information, Extension is committed to improving state statistics and the health of all individuals and families.
Food Safety: “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” creates a perfect scene to conspire following a great meal.  Extension has certifications, programs and more to help ensure those meals prepared at restaurant to home kitchens are done properly for health and goodness sake!  Attend a program or explore online publications for the latest safety guidelines and information.
Personal Financial Management: “A pair of hop along boots…” and “dolls that will talk...” may no longer be the latest craze but balancing finances and obligations amid mounting demands continues to create a sense of chaos for many individuals.  Extension provides tools designed to help both youth and adults make better sense of money matters. From budgeting to estate planning and much more, Extension is an authority in being money-wise.  Download your 2015 Money Management Calendar online for free or purchase a copy at Extension’s online publication store. 
Stay updated on the latest Extension news, program opportunities and resources by visiting your local Extension office or online at www.aces.edu.  Extension will be closed from December 22nd through January 2nd.  From our family to yours, you’re wished a holiday season filled with delight and  new year that is healthy and bright!



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