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Jul 26
Adoption of Precision Ag across Central Alabama

We know the adoption of precision ag continues to increase across the US. Here in Alabama, technology and site-specific management exceeds national averages reported by the USDA.

In 2009 and 2010, the Alabama Precision Ag Team conducted surveys around the state asking farmers their adoption of many available technologies. Data was collected during winter crop production meetings coordinated by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES). At that time, adoption in central Alabama was low in comparison to other regions. Therefore, the team has been working to help farmers understand the benefits of technology and how to best implement on their operations in this region. In February of 2013, we were able to repeat the same survey in order to assess how adoption had changed after 3 years collecting data at these same winter meetings.

Results from the 2013 survey and comparison to the 2010 data has been reported in a Timely Information Publication which can be viewed by clicking here. Of interest, there was a significant increase in Precision Soil Sampling and associated use of Variable-Rate Technology.& Autoguidance and especially RTK increased during this period. A surprise was that yield monitoring jumped from 16% in 2010 up to 48% in 2013. This trend was encouraging as we enter the data management era. Finally, 96% of the farmers have access to high speed internet with 81% requesting more precision ag education.

Publication - Precision Ag Adoption in Central Alabama

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