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Jan 20
Nutrient Removal App

In 2011, Mosiac released a new App called “Nutrient Removal” for both the iOS and Android.  This application provides  nutrient removal rates for a wide variety of crops and in some cases by crop yield.  It is a good resource since it provides this information right at your finger tips.  It comes in handy when discussing fertilizer recommendations and crop management.  Users can save information of specific interest to their device in case internet access is not available.  This tool is also helpful when educating others about site-specific management of nutrients and what it could mean to their operation.  When viewing yield maps and other spatial layers, the app can be used during discussions to compare strategies plus in the generation of Rx maps based on crop removal.  This free app is available through the App Store, Android Market or visit

Additional resources related to crop nutrient removal:

Nutrient use-efficiency is a key for future success at the farm.  Precision Ag provides a tool for farmers to fine-tune their nutrient management and enhance stewardship. For more information, visit


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