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Jul 14
Precision Agriculture and Social Networking
Today’s farm is not our grandparents’ farm that we commonly picture a working farm to be. Old equipment has been replaced with hi-tech machinery that runs in conjunction with GPS to provide accurate planting, fertilizing, spraying, etc. With the technology rapidly advancing, it is not only important to keep up-to-date with improvements and the newest features, but it is also important to network with other farmers that are using precision agriculture technologies.
The emergence of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube now provide opportunities for farmers to stay in touch with each other and the companies that provide precision agriculture technologies and equipment. Farmers now can simply “chat” or “tweet” about problems they might have run into or success stories that might help other farmers. Many equipment and software manufacturers can be found on social networking sites as well. They provide updates on future developments in equipment and useful information for their followers. State cooperative extension systems may also be found on these sites. Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System strive to provide Alabama farmers with the most current information about equipment and methods to aid them in their farming practices. Local field days and training events for precision agriculture equipment are announced so farmers can get hands-on experience with the equipment.
One of the best things about social networking is that it is absolutely free! All of this information comes at no cost to the user. Social networking is proving to be a useful tool for the farmers of tomorrow to stay up-to-date with the best practices for growing their crops and managing their farms. Listed below are just some of the many sites and groups utilizing social networking to connect with today’s famers.

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Written by Jonathan Hall, Graduate Research Assistant, Biosystems Engineering, Auburn University.


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