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​Bacterial blight has been reported within the past week on cotton in Georgia and Mississippi.  So, far this disease has not been reported in Alabama but probably will make an appearance in the next week or two if current wet weather patterns continue.  In Geogia, bacterial blight has been found in DP 1747 and a few additional susceptible or partially resistant varieties. 

 In past years, I've seen bacterial blight at or shortly after pinhead square on susceptible varieties like DP 1747, so it's not too early for this disease to make an appearance.  Current wet weather patterns are quite favorable for onset, spread, and development of bacterial blight.  As a result, I would expect to see a this disease show up over the next few weeks in susceptible cotton varieties.

So far, there are no post plant controls for bacterial blight in cotton.  I do have a study from Syngenta being conducted in Fairhope looking at foliar treatments to control or suppress bacterial blight.  Cotton varieties do differ in their susceptibility to bacterial blight.  As noted above, the root knot resistant variety DP 1747 is highly susceptible to bacterial blight.   Please refer to this URL for information relating to variety sensitivity to bacterial blight  With a few exceptions, the newer variety releases from Phytogen, Deltapine, Stoneville, and some other seed companies are partially or highly resistant to the dominant strain of the causal bacterium (#18) in U.S. cotton, while many of the susceptible varieties are gone.  Given favorable weather pattens, however, bacterial blight may damage even varieties reported to be 'resistant'.  Rotation with non-host crops may also help as the causal bacterial survives on debris from the previous cotton crop



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