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​Weather patterns over the past month have been cooler than the historical average with average to below average rainfall totals.  As a result, disease activity in wheat statewide has been relatively low. 

In Southwest AL, light leaf rust along with some Septoria glume blotch was observed in wheat plantings at the Gulf Coast Research and Extension Center, while no disease activity was seen in the wheat variety trial at the Brewton Agricultural Research Unit.  In addition, little to no disease activity was observed in the wheat variety trial in Central AL in the wheat variety trial at the Prattville Agricultural Research Unit.  Late last week, light Septoria leaf spot but no leaf or stripe rust was found in a an advanced breeding line study at the Tennessee Valley Research and Extension Center. 

So far, scab has not been observed in wheat at any of the above locations.  While some rain showers have occured when wheat was in bloom at several research units, it is unlikely the the duration of the rain showers, which were quickly followed by dry and cooler air, were sufficent for sustained infection of the heads.  Wheat trials at GCREC and BARU will be checked for scab tomorrow.


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