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Some Areas of Central Alabama experienced extremely heavy rainfall, as seen in the graphic below, over this past Saturday night (May 20-21st) and heavy rain is forecasted for the next 2 days. This may cause the need for some localized replanting. Cotton seedlings are extremely sensitive to heavy rainfall or flooding. If producers have a failed stand, there is still time in Alabama to replant cotton versus switching to an alternative crop. Cotton can be planted through the 1st week of June without excessive risk.

Making a replant decision is not clear-cut. Cotton has the capacity to recover from poor conditions early in the season, so consider the points below in making that decision:

  • If there is any doubt about whether to replant, it is best not to replant.
  • Although an optimum cotton stand is 2 to 4 plants per foot, 1 to 2 plants per foot with a uniform stand can still bring acceptable yields.
  • Research has shown that excessive skips, such as a dozen 3-foot skips in 80 row feet, can justify a replant.
  • Only make the decision after the crop has had a few days of good growing conditions.
  • If replanting in early June, utilize an early maturing variety and manage accordingly.
  • Be sure to terminate the old stand with a burn-down herbicide application.
  • Only spot plant portions of a field within 14 days of original planting to avoid later management problems.

Alabama Rainfall Totals 20 May, 2017 - National Weather Service
(Click on map to enlarge.)


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