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‚ÄčOver the past few months, you may have noticed changes being made to  Almost all of the content that was contained in the "Breaking New Ground" section of the top page has been moved to its relevant spot(s) under the listings in  the left side menu.  For instance, all of the Alabama Variety Trials reports are now found under that listing in the side menu.

Another change is that the crops calendar has gone away.  All of the events are now in the calendar feed found just below the blog section on the main page.  Anyone who has a login to the Ag Crops intranet may add an event to the calendar.  If you post an event, you're the only one who can edit that event.  If you want to have an event posted, please email all of the pertinent information to Jon Brasher at .

The only item that remains on the main page for now is the link to the 2017 Crops Webinar Series.  There is a link to that page in the side menu.

Thanks for your patience as we've made these changes.  Watch this blog section for future updates!


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