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‚ÄčDr. Dennis Delaney, Extension Specialist with Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System has some advice on when to terminate cover crops this spring. The goal is to terminate the cover crop when the benefit from the cover crop is greatest.  It all goes back to understanding that soil carbon and cover crops are the key to making conservation tillage work in Alabama.  It is not the lack of tillage but the production and conservation of crop residue that counts.  Dr. Delaney discusses various factors that help make the decision of when to terminate the cover crop in his recent webinar.  Learn why one of the most important factors is the rainfall forecast in the 2-3 weeks leading up to the planned planting date.  If no rain is forecast during that time, the cover crop should be killed.  :


This webinar was part of the March 14 session of the 2017 Alabama Agronomic Crops Webinar Series.  Webinars in the Alabama Agronomic Crops Series are presented live at 9 AM on the second Tuesday of each month.  A schedule for all the 2017 Webinars, connection information, and links to the recordings of previous webinars are posted on

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