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The Agronomic Crops Team from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System is pleased to announce a series of monthly webinars for 2017.  The webinars can be viewed live via Auburn Zoom at 9 AM on the second Tuesday of each month.  They are also being recorded so you can view each segment at your convenience. 

The January 10 webinar provided information on fungicides for small grains, ryegrass control for small grains, tips for scouting for insects in winter grain crops, the economic outlook for summer field crops, and advice on how to achieve hi-yielding corn. 

Dr. Austin Hagan discussed the wheat diseases you are likely to encounter this winter and spring, and presented options for their control:



Dr. Joyce Tredaway provided advice on controlling ryegrass in small grains: 


 Dr. Kathy Flanders explained how to scout small grains for aphids and Hessian fly during the winter:



Regional Extension Agent Jessica Kelton presented an economic outlook for summer field crops:



Regional Extension Agent Eddie McGriff provides tips for Hi-Yielding Corn:



Dr. Kip Balkcom in January 2016: 



The next webinar is on February 14, 2017 at 9 AM Central time.  Topics will be:

Corn weed management - Dr. Joyce Tredaway

Irrigation Management for North Alabama - Regional Extension Agent Jake McNeal

Corn Nematodes - Dr. Austin Hagan

Hi0Yielding Soybean - Regional Extension Agent Eddie McGriff


To interactively connect to the live webinar from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device (after 8:55 AM on February 14):

A schedule for all the 2017 Webinars, along with links to the recordings of the webinars is posted on


Kathy Flanders



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