Crops & Small Grain

Jan 20
Weeds: They are important to everyone! Here is why
Oct 19
Row Crops Short Course Announced for December 12th and 13th
Oct 18
Ryegrass Control Options in Wheat
Aug 11
Soybean rust on the move in Alabama
Jul 28
How to identify and manage spider mites on vegetables
Jul 24
Charcoal rot: A hidden threat to soybean yield
Jul 16
Options for plant bug and stink bug control in cotton
Jul 14
Soybean varietal response to saflufenacil (Sharpen® herbicide)
Jul 14
Alabama moth trap catch and insect pest report in cotton (July 10, 2017)
Jun 21
EPA approves Section 18 exemption for control of sugarcane aphid on sweet sorghum
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