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This page provides information about the basics of trap cropping and applications in tomatoes and bell peppers. There are links to extension bulletins, magazine articles, and videos listed below. For any question about trap crops, please email or call Dr. A at 251-331-8416.

Trap crop seed sources: NK-300 is an exceptionally attractive sorghum variety for leaffooted bug control. Seed sources include Wilbur-Ellis/Integra Seeds, WA (1-800-500-1698), Chromatin Seeds/Sorghum Partners, TX (1-855-SORGHUM), and other vendors. PEREDOVIK is an early season sunflower that can serve as a trap crop. In Alabama, Kelly Seed Company (Hartford, 334-588-3821) is a reliable supplier of Peredovik sunflower seeds. Organic producers should request UNTREATED SEEDS when calling these seed vendors.  


Extension Publications

Trap cropping in vegetable production: An IPM approach in managing pests (2013). National SARE Program Webstore.

Trap Crops for Managing Insect Pests (2013). ANR-1430.

Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Crop Handbook. ANR-1344.

Pest Management in High Tunnel Crop Production (2013). ANR-1432.

Insecticides for Commercial and Backyard Organic Vegetable Production (2013). ANR-1428.


YouTube Training Videos

PART 1. Principles of Trap Cropping (3:26 min)

This video provides basic information about trap cropping for leaffooted bug management in tomato production.


PART 2. Mixed Trap Cropping System (4:24 min)

Mixed trap cropping is an advanced system of alternative insect control suitable for vegetable production. This video describes sunflower and sorghum trap cropping system for leaffooted bug management.  


PART3. How to Plant and Manage Summer Trap Crops (3:29 min)

This video provides information about trap crop planting techniques and cultural practices for maintaining a healthy plant stand. Planting techniques of sorghum  


Popular Articles about Trap Crops

Waging War on Stink Bugs using Trap Crops. Growing Alabama. Posted on March 25, 2014.

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Trap cropping for flea beetle and aphid management. ACRES U.S.A. September, 2013. trap crops for flea beetles 2013.pdftrap crops for flea beetles 2013.pdf

Trap crops can help control tomato pests. Southeastern Farm Press. February 6, 2013.

Alabama vegetable growers seeing success with trap crops. Southeastern Farm Press. Posted on March 9, 2012.

Research update: Trap crops for leaffooted bug management. Alabama SARE Website. Posted September 25, 2012.

Trap crops can be valuable tool in vegetable production. Southeastern Farm Press. April 20, 2011.

Trap Crops for Managing Insect Pests on Vegetables. Alabama Gardener. AACAAS Communication Award Winner, 2011.