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The Alabama Cooperative Extension System and Alabama Beginning Farmer Program have released the "Farming Basics" online curriculum that is a great place for self-paced learning for all producers. A full news release from Alabama Extension can be found here. At present, the curriculum is divided into multiple chapters with several sections or learning modules under each topic. Major topic areas or chapters include Marketing & Farm Management, Pesticide Safety, Food Safety, Basic Crop Production, and Pest Management. Many more topics areas for expansion of the online curriculum is in the future. Subject matter experts from several extension teams and nonprofit collaborators provided the useful content that is available free of cost to anyone interested. To enroll directly in the "Farming Basics" course, visit and then watch the introductory video to learn about course navigation. This ADA Compliant course includes notes, videos, and quizzes to make the learning process interactive; the course automatically generates a completion certificate for participants based on your registration information. The course must be completed within 60 days of initiation and it saves progress made by participants for the duration.  Growers are encouraged to check out for a complete list of on-farm support services and educational resources available in print and alternative formats.

To provide us a detailed review about the online course, please take this feedback survey after completion or take the survey on your phone using the QR code (on iPhone, start camera and scan the code only to access the survey on the default browser; a QR code reader may be needed on Android phones). Thank you so much. 

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Ayanava Majumdar

Extension Entomologist & Beginning Farmer Program Coordinator


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