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Inspection Report Week of May 6, 2018 - Florida wax scale is right on schedule.  May 18 and August 23 have always stuck in my mind as the ideal times to spray, or at least look for, this pest.  The first generation can be easily controlled now.  The second generation will be in August.  Hosts include cornuta and crenata hollies, camellia, citrus, cleyera, crapemyrtles, deodar cedar, golden euonymus, Indian hawthorn, itea, and oaks.  I know of some live oak trees in Daphne that are covered with this pest and and resulting sooty mold.

Bagworms typically emerge around the first of May on junipers and Leyland cypress.  They will be small right now and blend in with the foliage as they use plant tissue to cover themselves.  Citrus leafminer has been reported around this time as well.  Normally treatment is not needed on older trees with lots of foliage, but treatment may be desirable every two weeks if there is not much foliage or the tree is small.  Trees recovering from freeze damage may need attention.  Garden fleahoppers were seen on lantana and pentas, causing white spotting on green leaves similar to lace bug damage on azaleas.  Chilli thrips were seen on distyllium.

Japanese beetles showed up in traps in Axis on May 7.  So far they've stayed in a small area about ¾ of a mile across since 2014.  They will be active from now until the end of June.  If anyone sees this beetle anywhere else in the county, please let me know.

Albert Van Hoogmoed

AL Dept of Agriculture, Mobile County


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