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​Inspection Report Week of April 16, 2018- 

April 6, 2018:  Aphids were seen on the tip of a camellia.  Ants were tending them, collecting honeydew produced by the aphids. Two small fly maggots were also present.  On April 9 the aphids were virtually gone.  Parasitic wasps had killed many, turning them into incubators (mummies) for developing young.  Fly larvae were growing big and fat on aphids. Biological control in action!

The pictures were taken with an iPhone set to a 3-second timer while holding a black piece of posterboard behind the plant. When ants are seen running around in a plant, it means that there is a honeydew producer at work. 

A few redheaded flea beetles were seen on weigela, hydrangea, and ‘Ebony Embers’ crapemyrtle.  Chilli thrips and lots of scarring were seen on ‘Conversation Piece’ azalea liners.  Redbanded thrips were seen causing serious damage on distyllium liners.  The host range for this pest seems to increase every year.  They started out on azaleas, then showed up on small pitcher plants, Drift roses, autumn ferns, wax myrtles, and now on distyllium.

Reminder for nurseries:  Several of the copper compounds have labeling requiring warnings after spraying. 


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