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Inspection Report Week of January 29, 2018

Now is a great time to check blueberries for scale.  They are easier to see on bare branches.

Florida wax scale (FWS) was seen on blueberries in a nursery during the growing season a few years ago.  They covered branches and a lot of the foliage before they were discovered. I also saw two FWS on blueberries in Bay Minette recently. The white scales were easy to spot on the purplish-colored branches.  FWS crawlers emerge around the middle of May and the middle of August.  The cameo stage (when they first form white covers) is the best time to treat.  This picture could be Indian wax scale. They both look similar, with IWS being bigger and having a softer wax cover.



FWS can also be spotted on jasmine and barberries now while the leaves are off.  FWS has a wide host range, so other plants should be inspected as well.

This Indian wax scale was seen recently in a planting of blueberries.  They appeared mostly on older wood but also some new wood.  I'm not sure when crawlers emerge.  A North Carolina site mentions treatment in early June.  Flagging an infested bush and watching for crawlers is the best way to go.  Handpicking to remove scales also works if there are not very many.



More information can be found at this site:



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