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‚ÄčBFRDlogo1.jpgThe 2018 Commercial Horticulture Extension Webinars will begin in January and run through November. These webinars aim at providing quick updates to producers and gardeners on topics such as irrigation, pest management, chill hours, planting demos, turf grass and much more.

Webinars are streamed live on the last Monday of every month (except in December) at 9 a.m. All past webinars are available here (complete listing of webinars by topic area). 

To provide suggestion for new topic/s, please email or call 251-331-8416. Producers are encouraged to follow-up with presenters or a commercial horticulture regional extension agent for most recent updates. These webinars are supported by a USDA Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Grant (2015-2018).

Don't miss out on this great opportunity for critical information. Visit the webinar series page for more information and upcoming webinars.

Current Webinars:


Fire Blight Resistant Apple Rootstock Trial in Alabama. Speaker: Elina Coneva, Extension Specialist. January 16, 2018.

Update on Citrus Pathogens. Speaker: Kassie Conner, Extension Specialist. March 27, 2018

Identification, Epidemiology and Management of bacterial Leaf Spot on Tomato and Pepper. Speaker: Ed Sikora, Extension Specialist, Plant Pathology. May 21, 2018.


Dynamic Model for Chill Estimation In Fruit Crops. Speaker: Edgar Vinson, Extension Specialist, Commercial Horticulture. January 16, 2018.

Peach Grower Survey. Speaker: Gary Gray, Regional Extension Agent. March 26, 2018.

New Pumpkin Varieties for Alabama. Speaker: Joe Kemble, Extension Specialist. April 30, 2018.

Pecan Propagation. Speaker: Doug Chapman, Regional Extension Agent. May 21, 2018.

Pest Management:

Conventional and organic insecticide review for tomato and pepper production. Speaker: Ayanava Majumdar, Extension Specialist. March 26, 2018.

Conventional and Organic Insecticide Review for Cucurbit Production. Speaker: Ayavana Majumdar, Extension Specialist. April 30, 2018.

Plant Health:

Fertigation Update. Speaker: Chip East, Regional Extension Agent. March 26, 2018.

Farm Management:

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act- How does this Affect farmers. Speaker: Kevin Burkett, Regional Extension Agent. April 30, 2018.


Green Industry Job Programs. Speaker: Bethany O'Rear, Regional Extension Agent. May 21, 2018.


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