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‚ÄčInspection Report Week of December 4, 2017

Chilli thrips were seen working cleyera tips on Dec 4th.  Daytime temperatures were still in the low 70's.  As long as temperatures are favorable, this pest will be active.  I've seen them on mahonia and aucuba in greenhouses in February.

Boxwood blight is always a concern, and not only in nurseries, garden centers, and landscapes.  Our inspectors recently disposed of boxwood wreaths and garlands arriving from another state with blight on them.  These decorations can be a source of the disease, even when dried.  It's important for florists and homeowners to be aware of this.  After use, these decorations should be bagged up and disposed of with household garbage and not be left in the landscape or used for mulch.

Dried Boxwood Wreath.png

Dried wreaths and garlands look really good, but with box stores, Etsy, and other online outlets, they can be shipped all over the country with no controls over possible boxwood blight infestations.  This makes proper disposal very important.

Albert Van Hoogmoed

AL Dept of Agriculture

Mobile County


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