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Below is a link to a survey for Alabama Extension. If you grow fruit and vegetables commercially in Alabama or are looking to get started growing, we would appreciate your response to a couple questions. We aim to provide economic support to the growers in the state and this survey relates to budgets a farm might use as part of their operation. Currently ACES has budgets available for horticulture but some are a little dated, and some have not been developed as of yet. If you provide a couple quick, honest responses for us we can make sure we're providing helpful and effective education. ACES wants to serve citizens of Alabama and even be a leader in the southeast. We appreciate your responses and please let us know how to continue to serve you. Responses will be accepted until November 10th. Please contact Kevin Burkett for any questions.

Click here for survey.

Kevin S. Burkett, MTA, CPA

Regional Extension Agent I – Farm & Agribusiness Management

Chilton County Extension Office


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