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The Alabama IPM Communicator is committed to providing you research-based information for improving your quality of life. The main purpose of this newsletter is to provide readers information about critical crop production and pest management information for a diverse range of crops grown in Alabama. This newsletter promotes sustainable agriculture, i.e., successful farming without depleting natural resources so that future generations can have productive land for food production.

To reach this goal of promoting our information we use a variety of social media resources to reach our audience. We have created Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages for quick and easy information. Through these online technologies we hope people can share experiences, opinions, insights, and perspectives with each other. People can always learn from what others have experienced, so we would like it to be interactive and as a source for researched-based answers. As the way we interact with others shifts from traditional forms of communication to more web-based technologies, the importance of Alabama IPM Communicator to have a presence on social media networks increases.

Our Facebook page, Alabama Vegetable IPM, is a great source to find out insect problems along with pictures to identify the damage and pest. Also, upcoming events, weather updates and the latest pest solutions are posted frequently. Twitter is another great source of information. Through this resource, producers can post questions and receive answers quickly, and read the latest articles before they come out in the newsletter.  Pinterest is the newest endeavor and is a place we showcase pictures, articles and all related information through boards.

Join our networks and keep up with the latest information and find all your answers quickly!

Ann Chambliss

Commercial Horticulture Team


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