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Zonate leaf spot on tomato is a disease not commonly seen.  Zonate leaf spot is caused by the fungus Hinomyces moricola, primarily a disease of tomato foliage.  Its  occurs sporadically in the field, though there have been reports of severe defoliation and yield loss in other states.  The disease has not been seen on tomatoes in Alabama.  However, it is often confused with symptoms of late blight.  The Auburn diagnostic lab has seen this disease on pecan occasionally, as it has been reported on 73 different plant species, including woody perennials and annual succulents.  The disease gets its name from the development of large, circular leaf lesions with distinct concentric rings.  Information is lacking on effective fungicides for management of zonate leaf spot.   


Ed Sikora and Kassie Conner

Extension Plant Pathologists, ACES



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