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‚ÄčA few cucurbit diseases were found in a few commercial fields in south Alabama along with the cucurbit downy mildew sentinel plots in Fairhope and Brewton. Gummy stem blight was fairly common on watermelon; downy mildew was found on cucumbers and butternut squash, and powdery mildew was observed mainly on yellow squash.  

One disease surprising to see was Plectosporium blight on yellow squash. Interesting disease in that it produces white spindle-shaped lesions on the stems and petioles, but typically does not effect the leaves or fruit. We most often see this disease on pumpkins in the fall in wet years, but to see it on yellow squash in July was unusual. 

The crops scouted were mature and near the end of their production cycle, but all the diseases found will pose a risk to late summer and fall Cucurbits plantings. 

Extension Plant Pathologist



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