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In the future, moving boxwoods into Tennessee and into Alabama may become a little more difficult.

This past Friday at the Gulf States Horticulture Expo, ALNLA set up a grower meeting where the Department of Agriculture discussed their response to Tennessee's fast approaching boxwood quarantine. This quarantine is scheduled to go into effect on February 4th. Once the quarantine goes into effect, any boxwoods that are headed to TN will be required to have a phytosanitary certificate and compliance agreement. Christel Harden, the administrator for the Plant Protection Division with the Department of Ag, recommends contacting your plant inspector ASAP if you plan on shipping boxwoods to Tennessee in the near future.  

Over the next few months, Christel will be working to get a quarantine passed for Alabama. An Alabama quarantine will allow for easier shipping to other quarantined states and go a long way in protecting our growers and landscapes; however, it will make bringing any boxwoods into our state more difficult.  There could be numerous scenarios associated with compliance agreements and no level of planning can cover every situation. With that in mind, it is important to patiently with the Department of Ag as we all navigate through these changes.  

Jeremy M. Pickens

Extension Specialist and Research Scientist

Ornamental Horticulture Research Center


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