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The ACES publication IPM 1313, commercial turfgrass recommendations for insect control, is currently being updated.  However, there are many different turfgrass situations that can complicate selection of different products.  For example, some products may be specifically labelled for use in lawns but not for golf courses or sod farms, and vice versa.  There are some products labeled for professional pest control (PCO) technicians that also may be labeled for certain pests in home lawns (fleas, ants, etc).  As a companion resource to the upcoming revision of IPM 1313, a spreadsheet which includes products for use in various turf situations is now available (see below).  This spreadsheet listed products by turfgrass pest and indicates if they can be used in lawns, athletic field, golf courses, or sod farms based on the current labels.  These four situations are the most common.  The spreadsheet also includes some pests associated with home lawns (millipedes, centipedes, fleas) that are not included in IPM 1313 since they do not attack turfgrass.  Each product name in the spreadsheet links to the labels so that a single click links the label for reference on specific situations.  The second sheet of this spreadsheet lists the active ingredients labeled for use in turfgrass with a representative product name and the IRAC classification for mode of action.  The IRAC mode of action classification is also linked in the heading of that column.  This spreadsheet and IPM 1313 should be useful resources in assisting stakeholders with the list of available products for problems associated with lawns, golf courses, sports turf, and cemeteries.  

Click here for downloading the IPM spreadsheet.

David Held, Research Entomologist, 

Entomology and Plant Pathology Department, Auburn University


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