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Over the past 10 years there has been a surge of interest on information on aquaponic production.  Aquaponics is the combination of hydroponics and fish production (aquaculture). Unfortunately there has been little in the way of validated information available for persons interested in aquaponics.  Concurrent to the surge in interests, researchers have been working hard to fill the critical need for information.  While we still have a long row to hoe in providing the same degree of recommendations found in hydroponics, we have learned a great deal of foundational knowledge that can help anyone interested in aquaponics to get started.  Despite the numerous systems being researched, the only system we currently recommend for commercial production is the University of the Virgin Island (UVI) System developed by Dr. Jim Rakocy.  Rakocy spent over 30 years developing and providing university level validation of the capacity of the UVI system.  It has been replicated all over the world in a variety of climates and is the foundation of which many other systems are based.  A detailed description of the UVI system can be found in this fact sheet: SRAC Publication No. 454. The Southern Region Aquaculture Center (SRAC) has developed an Aquaponics page (SRAC: Aquaponics) where information is available for persons interested in learning about aquaponics.  Fact sheets found on this page help address issues with water quality, economics, greenhouse systems and general fish production.  Also check out the wealth of information SRAC provides in their numerous other fact sheets (SRAC Fact Sheets).

For more information, please call 334-319-3829 or contact a commercial horticulture regional extension agent near you.

Jeremy M. Pickens,

Nursery and Greenhouse Extension Specialist


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