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Inspection Report for May 9, 2016

japbug.jpgJapanese beetles were seen in two traps on May 12 along Highway 43 in Axis. A trap located at the site of the highest numbers in previous years had 162 beetles in it. This is a high number for this early in their 6-8 week adult-activity period, which typically ends in mid-July. Areas around the nurseries are being monitored with traps.  Beetles were also first seen on May 12 of last year.


Garden fleahoppers were seen in sweet potato fields that I have been trapping for the past two weeks in Baldwin County, as well as in a local nursery.

Damage is similar to lace bugs, with small black fecal spots present.  Adults are black, nymphs are green. There are 5- 6 generations per year. Orna- mental hosts include mums, impatiens, marigolds, petunia, purple coneflower, and ver- bena.

Termites were reported to be swarming on May 14 in Mobile. In 2013 they swarmed on May 19 and in 2014 on May 21.

The first citrus leafminer was reported today, May 16, in Grand Bay.

Inspection Report for May 16, 2016

florida wax scale1.jpg

May 18 and August 23 are typically when the cameo stage of Florida wax scale (FWS) is seen in Mobile.  This picture was taken on May 18, so this year they were right on time.  Sprays for FWS are the most effective at this stage.  This is an easy pest to control because it is found on stems and upper surfaces of leaves, making good spray coverage much easier.  FWS produces a lot of honeydew and sooty mold.  Heavily infested plants can often be seen from the car in commercial landscapes along roads and drive-throughs. 

juniper beetles1.png

Juniper paria beetles were found on 'Green Sargent' juniper.  Last year they were seen heavily attacking 'Sky Rocket' juniper, severely stunting the growth of this plant.  The beetles appear to feed on the developing buds of many junipers.  Tapping the foliage over a white surface, especially a white Frisbee, is the best way to find them.

‚ÄčAlbert Van Hoogmoed

AL Dept. of Agriculture and Industries


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