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Fruit and vegetable industry is one of the fastest growing agricultural industries in Alabama with many beginning farmers interested in growing high-value crops. Veterans, retired workers, beginning and experienced farmers will soon have an opportunity for simple online training on many aspects of farming they may be interested in without leaving the comfort of their home or farm. The Alabama Beginning Farmers Electronic Curriculum has been under development for several months and will be available via the Beginning Farmer website. New and experienced producers as well as educators can go ahead and pre-register at the website to receive updates about the e-curriculum.

After the full launch of the e-curriculum in April, all participants will have their own login/password for access and begin their journey of learning with this self-paced educational program. You will have to follow on-screen instructions to set yourself up as a ‘student’ and monitor your progress. The system will alert you whenever new content becomes available.

Currently, the curriculum includes six major topic areas to choose from that include Marketing, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Food Safety, Pesticides Safety, and Fruit and Vegetable Production Systems. Each major topic area has a variety of subtopics that include drip irrigation, strawberry production, tomato production, machinery used on farms, organic and conventional pest management, common crop diseases, and many more!

This is a one of a kind experience for easy to understand, self-paced training to use on all farms. Don’t wait! Pre-register today to receive notifications for the launch of this incredible curriculum. For any issues with the pre-registration process, please contact Ann Chambliss by email ( or phone call (334-707-4923). See our website for more details at​



michael norman (anonymous)

4/27/2016 11:19 AM
is there a link to the registration site? i could not find it...

Ann Chambliss

4/27/2016 12:40 PM
 Here is the link for you
You will see on the left hand side of the screen a place to type your name and email and subscribe for the e-curriculum. That is how you will receive updates on when the program launches.
Hope this helps! And thank you for your interest!