IPM Communicator: Weeds

May 11
Herbicide applications in dryland cotton and peanut under hot and dry conditions
Apr 11
Slugs or Snails in Your Greenhouse or High Tunnel? What Do I Do?
Feb 20
The Alabama IPM Communicator is an Informative Resource for all Producers
Feb 06
Southeastern U.S. 2018 Vegetable Crop Handbook
Jan 08
2018 Commercial Horticulture Webinar Series Recordings
Jun 16
Safe, Smart Pesticide Use
Jun 09
Beware of lawn-care herbicides damaging trees!
May 19
Dodder, a Parasitic Plant
Mar 17
​Pre-register for the Alabama Beginning Farmer Electronic Curriculum
Mar 10
Commercial Horticulture Webinar Recordings - 2016 Series
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