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Climate Forecasting Gaining Traction among FarmersJames Langcuster2/22/2013 10:22 AMRow-Crop Agriculture0
Precision Farming All about Cultivating a Big Farming Picture, Experts SayJames Langcuster1/14/2013 11:11 AMPrecision Farming0
How Soil Conservation Saved the Farm—and Changed the Face of Southern FarmingJames Langcuster1/3/2013 2:28 PMSustainable Farming Operations; Global Sustainability Issues; Row-Crop Agriculture0
Extension Foresters Working to Avert Landowner CrisisJames Langcuster3/1/2012 3:12 PMForestland Sustainability1
Alabama Extension Working to Build Thriving Urban Farming SectorJames Langcuster2/28/2012 9:48 AMSustainable Farming Operations0
Selecting The Right Fruit VarietiesMaggie Lawrence1/19/2012 10:05 AMHorticultural Crops; Horticulture1
“Counterintuitive” Costa Rica Setting a Forestry Benchmark for the WorldJames Langcuster1/13/2012 2:16 PMGlobal Sustainability Issues; Sustainability and Public Policy; Rainwater Collection0
Seed Starting TimeMaggie Lawrence1/10/2012 8:52 AMHorticulture0
National Poultry Technology Center Relieving Growers of Cost SqueezeJames Langcuster11/22/2011 9:52 AMPoultry Production 0
Perspectives on the Gulf Oil Spill One Year LaterMaggie Lawrence4/21/2011 9:27 AMDeep Water Horizon Oil Spill0
Your Role in Sustaining a Critical ResourceJames Langcuster2/22/2011 9:31 AMSustainability and Public Policy0
Spiking Farmland Prices: The Eighties Flashback that Worries One EconomistJames Langcuster1/24/2011 1:29 PMSustainable Farming Operations0
Expert: Manures Vital to Farming’s Future but No PanaceaJames Langcuster1/14/2011 9:11 AMRow-Crop Agriculture0
Among Locavores, the Meat that Gets No Respect (But Should)James Langcuster1/12/2011 10:20 AMGame Food0
Horticulture Expert Spreading the Benefits of Rainwater CollectionJames Langcuster11/30/2010 4:55 PMRainwater Collection0
Experts: Precision Farming Does SaveJames Langcuster11/23/2010 9:23 AMRow-Crop Agriculture0
Agronomist Exploring Clover Overseeding Options in Coastal Plains SoilsJames Langcuster11/19/2010 3:47 PMLivestock Production0
Expert: There Is a Place for Native Forages on Alabama FarmsJames Langcuster11/19/2010 3:18 PMLivestock Production0
Humanity's Looming Nitrogen CrisisJames Langcuster10/22/2010 1:21 PMGlobal Sustainability Issues0
Expert: Phosphorus Pinch Will Change Forever the Way Farmers Apply FertilizerJames Langcuster10/8/2010 2:07 PMRow-Crop Agriculture0
Climate Consortium Advising Farmers to Prepare for La Nina Effect This Fall and WinterJames Langcuster10/7/2010 4:44 PMRow-Crop Agriculture0
Experts Fear Critical Phosphorus Shortage in FutureJames Langcuster10/6/2010 3:36 PMGlobal Sustainability Issues0
Expert: Alabama’s Groundwater Abundant but Still FiniteJames Langcuster9/27/2010 5:27 PMGlobal Sustainability Issues0
Using Rainwater to Enhance Poultry Industry ProfitabilityJames Langcuster9/23/2010 1:43 PMLivestock Production0
Expert: Tech Benefitting Cotton in Ways Once Scarcely ImaginableJames Langcuster9/20/2010 10:43 AM0
More Cattle Producers Adopting Precision AgricultureJames Langcuster9/14/2010 1:19 PMLivestock Production0
Economists: Farming Treadmill Produced History's Most Bountiful, Efficient Food SupplyJames Langcuster9/2/2010 3:56 PMGlobal Sustainability Issues0
Cracked Genome Will Yield Tastier, Hardier Golden Delicious AppleJames Langcuster8/31/2010 10:24 AMHorticultural Crops; Horticulture0
Like Everyone Else, Extension Educators Dealing with Locally Grown DilemmaJames Langcuster8/30/2010 4:17 PMHorticulture0
Expert: Organic Golf Courses Not Yet Ready for Prime TimeJames Langcuster8/24/2010 3:39 PMGreen Construction0
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