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image The Alabama Cooperative Extension System will hold a High Tunnel Vegetable Production Meeting Tuesday, March 25 from 9 a.m. to  2:30 p.m. near Boligee in Greene County.  The meeting will be at the farm of James Childs located at 700 County Road 107, Boligee.  While the workshop is free, participants should call call the the Tombigbee Resource Conservation and Development office at (205) 469-6463 to reserve lunch.

*High tunnels or “hoop houses” allow growers to extend their season, earlier in the spring and later in the fall. In Alabama, growers use high tunnels to gain the market advantage of having locally grown fruits and vegetables available for sale at a time before traditionally grown crops are ready for harvest or after traditional field production is completed.

Extension specialists will discuss aspects of vegetable production that will help growers improve production in both field or high tunnel* production, including fertility, plasticulture, drip irrigation, as well as the production needs of specific vegetable crops, vegetable insect and disease management and how they are influenced when grown in a high tunnel as compared to the field.

  • Dr. Joe Kemble: High Tunnel Vegetable Production
  • Dr. Edward Sikora: Vegetable Disease Management in High Tunnels
  • Dr. Ayanava Majumdar: Insect Management in High Tunnels
  • Gary Gray: High Tunnel Production Resources & Handbook

image The workshop will include indoor slide presentations, lunch and a practical hands-on look at production, and question and answer period in the farm’s high tunnel. Participants will receive a copy of the Extension High Tunnel Production Handbook.


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