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fireant mound on hardscape bart drees The inaugural Don’t Be Bugged webinar will provide answers on what works and what doesn’t work to control fire ants. Dani Carroll, a regional home grounds agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System will host the free webinar on Friday, February 1 at 1 p.m. Central time.

“Do a web search, and you will find lots of sites with home remedies for fire ant control,” says Carroll. “They are all over the internet. This webinar will help ordinary people learn what works and what doesn't.”

Don’t Let Myths Fool You

Carroll says that the webinar’s expert is Wizzie Brown, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension specialist working in integrated pest management who will debunk some myths about dealing with fire ants.

Brown says she will begin by explaining basic fire ant biology.

“I plan to talk about “organic” and how it means different things to different people,” she says. “Then I will discuss what treatments work and those that do not work. People will learn about less toxic but effective techniques for fire ant management for home landscapes.”

Carroll explains that this webinar and all of the Don’t Bug Me Series webinars are specifically for average people who need answers they can use.

“This first webinar and the rest of the series will give people sound, research-based solutions for pests from some of the top experts in the nation,” she says.

More information can be found at the Fire Ant Home Remedies event page including how to connect to the webinar. On February 1, participants can use this link to connect to the webinar.

The webinars are sponsored by eXtension and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. They are coordinated by the Imported Fire Ant eXtension Community of Practice

As upcoming webinars approach, watch eXtension’s Don’t be Bugged Webinar Series page for more information on that particular webinar.

Upcoming Webinars in the First Friday of the Month Spring Series

March 1:   Ants! Ants! Ants! Tawny crazy ants and Argentine ants don't sting, but their large colonies are definitely annoying.  Learn how these ants live and how to control them. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Bethany O’Rear.

April 5:   You Have Fire Ants Where? Targeted fire ant management in sensitive and challenging areas including vegetable gardens, fish ponds, compost piles and electrical boxes. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Willie Datcher.

May 3:   Protect Your Loved Ones From Fire Ants Learn safe, effective, research-based methods to protect your family and pets from fire ants. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Charles Pinkston.

June 7: Get Rid of Those Bed Bugs Learn how bed bugs live and get sound, research-based advice on how to get rid of them. Hosted by ACES Regional Extension Agent Chris Becker.



1/29/2013 11:00 PM
I'd love to see one of these on yellow jackets!