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The Alabama Cooperative Extension and the Economic and Community Development Institute at Auburn University recently awarded 11 mini-grants for projects enhancing economic development in counties near the Old Federal Road in Alabama.

Individuals and teams receiving grants include the following:

  • Dr. Kathryn Braund, Hollifield professor of Southern History at Auburn University, and Dr. Greg Waselkov, professor of Anthropology, University of South Alabama. They will research and write a guidebook for driving tours of the Old Federal Road.
  • Dr. John Cottier, associate professor of Anthropology at Auburn University, and Dennis Block, administrator for the Environmental Institute at Auburn University. Their project will document archaeological and cultural sites along the Old Federal Road and attempt to discover the meaning and value of these sites from the perspective of different ethnic groups linked to the road.
  • Dr. Terance Winemiller, associate professor of Anthropology and Geography at Auburn University-Montgomery. His project will map, survey, create a GIS database and interactive website.
  • Charlene LeBleu, associate professor of Landscape Architecture at Auburn University, will develop a master plan that supports sustainable tourism at the I-85 Corridor at Exit 26 in Macon County, highlight the Old Federal Road and connect it to other nearby points of interest, including Fort Decatur.
  • Dr. Robert "Jeff" Jakeman, associate professor and editor, Encyclopedia of Alabama, Department of History, and Dr. James P. Kaetz, managing editor of the Encyclopedia of Alabama. Their project will create content and develop a web page about the Old Federal Road for the Encyclopedia of Alabama.
  • Dr. Jeffrey La Mondia, assistant professor, and Dr. Rod Turochy, associate professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Auburn University. They will utilize suitability analysis to determine the most suitable locations along the Old Federal Road for recreation, tourism and economic development. The project also will produce a map and recommendations.
  • Emily Brogden, Conecuh County Extension Coordinator. Her project will develop brochures, signage, historic markers and guided tours to promote tourism related to the Old Federal Road in Conecuh and Monroe counties.
  • Stephanie Rogers, executive director, Monroe County Heritage Museum. The museum will conduct workshops focused on researching early settlements, specific settlers, Creek Native American families and principal locations along the Old Federal Road. These workshops will be held at the historic Bethany Baptist Church in Burnt Corn, Ala. In Monroe County. The project will also provide a guided bus tour of the road through Monroe County and will include a seminar with scholars at Bethany Baptist Church.
  • Susan Wingard, Baldwin County Extension Coordinator, and John Jackson, director of the Baldwin County Department of Archives and History. Their project will develop information packets, brochures and educational programs for fourth-grade students and adult learners for municipal libraries.
  • Jim Todd, Mobile County Extension Coordinator. His project will develop an interpretive center at Mount Vernon, document and map historic sites, and develop tourism, education and community development plans.
  • Dr. John Johnson,The Montgomery Institute, Monroeville, Ala. His project will improve planning and operations of the Coastal Gateway Economic Development Alliance.


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