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‚ÄčThe 42nd Alabama State 4-H Horse Show is set for July 7-11 at the Garrett Coliseum Complex in Montgomery. More than 200 members from 30 counties across the state will compete at the weeklong event.

Jason P'Pool, animal science specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and new director of the show, is eager for the events to start. "The excitement has been building since I came to Alabama from Kentucky in January," P'Pool says.

The show is designed to introduce knowledge, management and training of horses and provide hands-on learning experiences to develop life skills necessary to be contributing members of society.

Alabama 4-H Foundation Regional Extension agent, Wendy Padgett is proud of the youth and excited for this year's show. "The show gives the youth a chance to celebrate their accomplishments throughout the year," Padgett says. "It lets the public see what they've been doing and what they've learned."

The week is filled with horse events as well as passive and active educational classes that allow participants to share their knowledge and skills. The passive educational classes include artwork, creative writing and photography, while the active educational classes include hippology, public speaking and presentations.

The educational classes and demonstrations are meant for youth to share their knowledge and practice public speaking skills. "I have learned so much about horses, their care and tack and equipment by listening to the members' presentations," Padgett says. "There are some things that you just can't learn about like this anywhere else."

Padgett adds this is a great opportunity for members who don't own a horse to show their skills and what they've been working on and learning through 4-H in the past year. "Even if they don't have a horse, they can still showcase their abilities by participating in the educational events. They can also attend the show and support their fellow members who do have horses."

In the horse events, youth will compete in hunt seat, saddle seat, Western riding styles and timed events. Riders will also be judged on their abilities to perform certain skills, such as speed and precision of maneuvers, as well as overall performance.

"Whether it be one of the educational events or an actual class evaluating the performance of their horse, the bottom line is that 'Grand Champion' young people will be involved," P'Pool says.

Members are encouraged to participate in horse events and educational classes. The more events they participate in the more points they earn. Points are recorded throughout the show and at the end of the week awards will be announced. The highest award is the High Point Buckle, which is awarded to the 4-Hers with the most points within each division. There will be High Point Buckles awarded in Educational, Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat, Western and Time Event divisions.

Class winners are eligible to compete at the Southern Regional 4-H Horse Show in Raleigh, N.C. July 28 - Aug. 2.


Deborah Carroll Nicholas

7/8/2014 6:19 AM
Judy McMurray and myself are trying to breath some new life into the Marshall County 4H group as helpers.  Where is a show schedule for us to preview?  We would like to come down and see what the children are doing.