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Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
I'm interested in taking the Cottage Food Law training class. Can you please let me know when the next class is scheduled for and all the information I will need to register. Thank You
 116Traci Sollsberger
Save the Date: Farm and Home Rainwater Harvesting WorkshopPending
When will you be doing another workshop in the Montgomery area?
 115Pat byrd
New Report Shows High Prevalence of Adverse Experiences among Children: What Does it Mean for Alabama?Pending
Hi, I am writing a research paper on Adverse Childhood Experiences in Alabama and I am having a hard time coming up with numbers on the amount of funding Alabama allows to combat this issue. I was wondering if you have any information that may help me with this, also I would appreciate any links or other information you may have on the subject.
 114Sherrie Jacobs
Save the Date: Farm and Home Rainwater Harvesting WorkshopPending
I was also looking for another seminar/supplies lists for rainwater collection. Anything on feasibility would be awesome.
 113scott Tucholsky
Finding and Repairing Leaks in RoofsPending
Nice post and this type of roof for having economical results can be a better step.  Thanks for sharing.<a href="">EPDM Rubber Roof</a>
Save the Date: Farm and Home Rainwater Harvesting WorkshopPending
When might you be hosting another seminar like this or can you forward me any basic information about storage supplies and where I might be able to purchase them? Thank you
 111Elayne Cross
Consumers Returning to Pressure Cooking and Canning to Prepare Game MeatPending
When are pressure coolers tested in Baldwin County?  How is public notifies, I have not seen any notice for several years.
 110Susan Myers
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
I would like to know if you have a list of when and where the next classes will be please.
 109Amelia Hunt
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
Interested in the Cottage class, when and where will be the next class scheduled for?
 108Teresa Droddy
Sharing the Beauty of Coosa County’s CreeksPending
thanks for your efforts, my ancestors settled on this creek
 107John M Burton
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
I read that the SafeServe Manager certification can be used to comply with the Cottage Food Law.  If so, how should I proceed to start selling my products?
 106Stacey Schlaman
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
Id like to know when the next class is being offered.
And where?  Any information would be great. Thanks!
 105Sabrina Simon
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
can home made salsa be sold  at home under the  new law
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
I would like to sign up for the Oct 6 class located in St. Clair Co, Pell City.  I left my information with Angela Treadaway. I do no see another location in which to sign up.  Thank you
 103Charlotte Beaube
Nichols Awarded Ann Barr ScholarshipPending
So proud of Jessie! What an honor!
 102Joyce Howdeshell
Alabama 4-H Icon Honored for her Service to Extension, 4-H and CountryPending
Such an honor and pleasure knowing this wonderful woman!! Congratulations Ann Barr!
 101Jessie Lynn Nichols
Nichols Awarded Ann Barr ScholarshipPending
What an honor!  I am so proud of Jessie and all of our years of involvement with the Alabama 4-H Program!  What a blessing and a positive influence on Jessie's life!  A Special "Thank You" to Ms. Ann Barr for her years of service and to the Alabama 4-H Foundation for making my 4-Her's dreams come true!!!
 100Sherri Nichols
Fall Armyworm Invasion ContinuesPending
The armyworms have taken over my angel trumpets. I killed the few that were on my plants one afternoon, the next morning it was like twigs were all that I was left with. The worms were hanging by the hundreds. I had them all over the ground crawling. I sprayed them but they did come back full force.
 99Victoria Beavers
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
We are in teh process of scheduling the Cottage foods classes all over the state.  Call you r COunty Extension office and they will tell you when the next class is scheduled or they will put you in touch with the person that does the training so they can set up a class in your area. 
 98Jean Weese
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
I am from Birmingham and I also would like to know when the next cottage food law training classes will take place?
 97Jessica wilson
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
Hi, I am interested in the Cottage Food Law and would like to know when is the next training class and where it will be held in Huntsville, Alabama. (Madison County)
Thank you
Virginia Washington
 96Virginia Washington
Brantley Recognized as AWF’s Water Conservationist of the YearPending
Congratulations to Dr. Eve Brantley for this recognition. Nothing that she accomplishes will be a surprise to me. I know her well, and she will bring much recognition to her department and Auburn University in the future before she is done. Life passes on, but good deeds never die.
 95James E. Hairston
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
Hi, I am interested in the Cottage Food Law and would like to know when is the next  training class, I just received information and missed the first one, also are the training session only in Montgomery, or are there other locations and will there be other places such as Huntsville for the training. I would appreciate if you could get me more information about this, because I have other people interested as well.

Thank you
Brenda Embery.
 93Brenda Embery
42nd Annual Alabama State 4-H Horse Show July 7-11 in MontgomeryPending
Judy McMurray and myself are trying to breath some new life into the Marshall County 4H group as helpers.  Where is a show schedule for us to preview?  We would like to come down and see what the children are doing.
 92Deborah Carroll Nicholas
Brantley Recognized as AWF’s Water Conservationist of the YearPending
There's no better person for this award than Dr. Eve Brantley. Dr. Brantley is a remarkable professional determined to leave a legacy of improved waterways and environmental awareness that will last beyond her years at Auburn University and Cooperative Extension.
 91Michael S. Freeman
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law TrainingPending
Will there be another one of these any time soon?
 90Leslie Cook
Kudzu Bugs No Match for Old Man Winter’s PersistenceApproved

All very good questions.

What makes the kudzu bug so invasive? There are many aspects to the kudzu bug that make it so successful in its new geographic range. The most important factor is the fact that the kudzu vine is pervasive throughout the southeastern. In the insects native regions (most of Asia) it feeds predominately on this vine, alongside some other legume species (namely Soy bean which also extensively grown in Asia). So, when it arrived in the U.S. in 2009 in Georgia, the bug(s) had no problem locating a food source and was able to feed and subsequently reproduce.

 They are not a threat to all plant life, certainly they are not a threat on grass. They do tend to utilize many plant species early in spring and late in fall when kudzu and soy are not available to them, but will only feed on other plants for a short amount of time. They are a serious threat, however, on legume species of all kinds, especially backyard beans.

In terms of safe pesticides, yes there are a few. Where do you plan on applying insecticides? you should never apply them directly to your home, or around residential structure. If you applying because they wound up on the outside of your home when they started to migrate, the best solution for that is power-washing them off your house. If they're inside use a vacuum to get ride of them. There are bio-rational insecticides, those that are Bt based that do well to kill the bugs.

Here's a link to an ACES publication on residential control, hope it helps. Please don't hesitate to ask anymore questions!

Julian Golec
 89Julian Golec
Kudzu Bugs No Match for Old Man Winter’s PersistenceApproved

The kudzu bug will now be a consistent problem for all residents in Alabama, last summer it was detected in all 67 counties. The migratory times of this insect vary, and are dependent on the temperature. In spring, most likely, you will see the bugs March-April. Fall will differ a bit, and they may be seen again in September-October. To prevent them from getting into your potted plants you may want to keep them indoors in a sunny area until the migration of kudzu bugs has ceased, and you see them less around your home. If you keep them outdoors, the best way is to prevent them from getting on the plants through isolating plants in a screen, or some other means of excluding them from landing on your plants.

Hope that helps, please feel free to ask any other questions!

Julian Golec
 88Julian Golec
​19th Annual Beekeeping Symposium Set for Feb. 1 at Auburn UniversityApproved
I live in Sand Rock, AL. there are almost no bees of any kind in my country yard that is usually just buzzing with honey bees on the white clover and black bumblebees on other wild flowers. It is strangely quiet with them gone. What is happening?
 87Joan Johnson
The Alabama Cooperative Extension System: Then and NowApproved
In the following sentence in the next to last paragraph, "We provide our diverse audiences with knowledge in deep, enriched contexts in era when some people are feeling almost overwhelmed by the knowledge available at the fingertips," I think you need to insert "an" as follows "...contexts in an era when..."

Jim Bannon
 86James S. Bannon
Kudzu Bugs No Match for Old Man Winter’s PersistenceApproved
What makes the Kudzu bugs so invasive? Are they a threat to all plant life? How about grass? I prefer to use natural methods versus pesticides whenever possible. Is there a specific pesticide that is environmentally friendly that has been shown to do well with the kudzu bugs?
 85Jason Hill
New Impact Report Underscores Dominant Grassroots Influence of Agriculture and Forestry in AlabamaApproved
I have a 112 acre farm in DeKalb County.  I am trying to change it from a non working farm to a working farm.  There have been a lot of wrong  decisions on land surrounding my land.
 I have very large stands of large Cedars, Pines and an over abundance of Spring water.  Beautiful watercress grows on it.
A lot of folks think I am crazy for spending money and time to turn it into a ecologically sound farm. 
I want it planted in proper crops & grasses that are good for the land and wildlife.
Everything I leave there has been stolen.  Some of the larger trees have been cut. They leave the large top and take the trunk.
Trash is all over it. 
I found 6 Deer stands there this year.  I don't allow hunting except controlled hunting.  I don't consider deer stands to be very sportsman like.
I would like to talk to a representative of The Federal or Alabama Forestry Comm. 
I have tried to find someone here but they seem to think I need to talk to someone else.
Is the Commission there for only large Landowners? Is it because I am a woman?  I am that, but I'm not an idiot.
Please someone answer this or get in touch with me.
256 845-2778.      Cell 256 996-4180.

Margaret Craft
1403 Woodchuck Run
Fort Payne, Al.  35967
 84Margaret Craft
Not Your Grandfather’s Extension ProgramApproved
I would love to attend some classes but I am not into social media.
I think that an aquaculture project in every neighborhood would be fantastic. 
It would create students, jobs and everyone would shop there. Too many people are asleep at the wheel.
When people got worried about a food shortage in England women decided to plant vegetables in every spot of dirt that the city owned.
They were pleasantly surprised that people only took what they needed and there was no vandalism. Americans better wake up and plant something.
 82Cheryl Willis
Kudzu Bugs No Match for Old Man Winter’s PersistenceApproved
We have seen kudzu bugs for the first time around our home (south Alabama) in the last two weeks.  We first learned about them when we saw them in Birmingham two years ago.  They have now migrated to our area.  They have settled in my potted plants on my patio.  The last few freezes I have left my plants outside, hoping to kill the bugs, but some have survived and are still around - more it seems as the warmer days have come.  When should we expect them each year and how can I prevent them from getting in my potted plants?  Thank you.
 81Marie Heaton
Not Your Grandfather’s Extension ProgramApproved
I would love more information on the class. Please and thank you.
 80Tamara Bruce
Kudzu Bugs No Match for Old Man Winter’s PersistenceApproved
Mrs. Mitchell: Thank you for the comments.
Here are the responses to your question.
For kudzu bug control:  The good news is they are not resistant to insecticides. Any insecticide, even those over the counter products will kill them. If you like environmentally friendly methods, try white-colored sticky board/card. Setting the traps near plants you want to protect. Kudzu bugs will more likely to land and be caught by the sticky card than land on your plants. Another method you can use is to take advantage of the bug's "play dead" behavior. Place a piece of plastic or cloth under the plants they eat, knock the plants with a stick or kick the plant with foot, let the bugs fall on the plastic or cloth. Wrap they up or vacuum them up to kill them. Or you can let the bugs fall in a water-filled container to drawn them.

Control carpenter bees: puff powder pesticide, like Seven, into the exiting holes in wood. Other products such as the ready-to-use pressurized products for clack roach or wasps also work well. Regardless the products, do the application after dusk or in dawn when the bees are sleeping inside wood, and with caution to avoid stung. It is better to seal the holes after application because carpenter bees prefer to use old holes as new home
 79Xing Ping Hu
Kudzu Bugs No Match for Old Man Winter’s PersistenceApproved
Good article.  What control methods can be used to rid our ornamentals (camelia and hydrangea bushes) of the kudzu bugs or just get rid of them in the yard area in general?

Application of Seven dust around the holes that carpenter bees bore, works well.  Is there anything else I can use on carpenter bees?
 78Sheron Mitchell
Consumers Returning to Pressure Cooking and Canning to Prepare Game MeatApproved
I would be very interested in pressure canning meat, soups ect...  I have been very reluctant because of the toxin and things that can grow.  So i have not canned any products containing meat.  Where can I find pressure canning recipes/instructions for venison and other things containing meat(stews, soups ect.).  Thanks for your assistance in this matter.  Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated.
 76Michelle Phillips
Expert: Insects Won’t Be Affected by Cold SnapApproved
Hi, My experience with ANTSl, not red ants is only of 2-3 years.  My lawn? had thousands of ant colonies.
 In 1993, my area, Kansas had floods that lasted many weeks.  When I was able to walk safely on the yard and examine the plants & soil, I could find no ant colonies.  This continued for another year or two.  Now I must add these ants had invaded both neighbors and my home.

Since the flood the ants have returned to my yard, but must be in sucfh low numbers, I have not seen them in my house.

My idea about a method to kill them, would be to put water from draining the water heater, directly on the colony.  Draining the tank is something that is advised to do several times a year to prevent calcium buildup.

This could be done either summer or winter, although I imagine winter would be more effective and far less dangerous to homeowner.  Water that wasted, drained into the street or sewer, could go down into the ant colony and wake them up at a disadvantageous time.

I've seen a TV program where molten metal was poured down an ant colony and then dug up to discover the construction of the thing.  At no time did I see ants on the soil, the killer or even after.  So what could it hurt to try water.  Cheaper thatn melting metal.
 75Gary E. Mc Kenzie
Extension Publications Extend Parents a Helping HandApproved
I'm looking for  programs or organization with a member base such as single parents.  I'm working with the Custodial Support Foundation. that helps organizations assist custodial and non custodial parents with child support issues.  I schedule phone appointment to get details about the program. to share with the decision maker how your program may benefit from our program? Please provide a name and phone number.   Thanks in advance!

 74Rene Beverly
New App Creating More Alabama Smart YardsApproved
Love it!  Even as a Master Gardener I have to go the internet or "my books" and look up information for friends and family all the time.  This will put the correct information at my fingertips.  Now I won't have to say, "I think I'm right about that."

Love it!  Great tool, and every gardener loves tools!

 73Patsie DeMo
Farming as Rocket Science: Why American Agriculture is Different from the European VarietyApproved
The French Agriculture Minister (as are others in Germany), is correct in his assessment. Your tainted historical viewpoint (all European farmers learned from their mistakes once they began settling this continent, and from the very beginning - the ignorance and neglect of our natural resources began to peak in the late 19th century, and forced the government's hand during the Dust Bowl). The CCC saved the US, not programs like 4-H.

You're preaching an outdated concept - as both an historian of science and a field biologist, I can't believe the spin placed on this article.  Most farmers I've met over the years - throughout the Midwest and southern Alabama, Georgia, and north Florida, wouldn't succumb to the use of pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs as practiced and taught if they could compete in the marketplace - if I've heard it once, I've heard it a 1000 times.  Just how much money is Monsanto or someone else paying you to spout out this misinformation?  Or do you actually believe in this non-sense your typing?

The capitalist ethos in the country extends all areas of production, not just to farming.  The notion of profits over everything via farming put this nation on the brink of ecological disaster due to the drive to produce more exports and feed the nation in the early 20th century, and now "you" guys think you have all the answers - once again!  I hope I live long enough to witness nature "slap" humans again, and badly.

Crossing crops with wild relatives and other strains was not fully understood until the late 19th century, and it wasn't discovered in the US.  It was scientists in the U.S. (some of them European, BTW) that taught proper farming techniques.  Not only that, the scientists themselves fought bureaucrats at every level that were more stubborn than most farmers...but at least the farmers had a valid reason not borne of greed, but of survival.

Read the history (if you like actual scholarship) of the CCC and learn about how better farming practices are not "quaint" ideas, but ideas that threaten large industries more than anyone - plus, we can't live without those subsidies, can we?!
 71John Hays
Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference Slated for FebruaryApproved
It sounds useful. Thank you very much! I would like to intend this conferrnce.
 70Xuhong Yang
Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference Slated for FebruaryApproved
Thank you for this information. I am really interested to participate in this conference.
 69Nicole Gan
​U.S. Pecan Crop May Be the Shortest Since 1998Pending
I am looking to buy 5 or 6 pecan trees to plant at my parents land in Daphne, AL  What variety do you recommend and do you have suggestions on where to purchase.  I would like to try more than one variety.
Angela Scott
 68Angela Scott
Alabama Extension Agent Elected National Association PresidentApproved
Henry is a wonderful choice to serve as the National Association  President. He is a walking encyclopedia and always willing to help when called.
We could not have a better person to represent Alabama.
 65Tim Tate
Sharing the Beauty of Coosa County’s CreeksPending
How can I get a detailed map of the entire hatchet creek
 64james bridges
Keep­­ing the Bugs OutPending
I have been having problems with bugs that look similar to fleas but they don't die very easily when exterminators come and spray.
These bugs are often wrapped in or covered in dust or fuzz, lint.
I have them on my bed and bed linens, clothes, upholstered furniture, etc.
I wondered if there is someone I could send some of these bugs to.  I would like to have them anylized.  They are all over my house and in my clothes and I am very concerned.  I've seen brown, white, black, and red ones. I spray for fleas ticks, bed bugs, dust mites, roaches.  Maybe I should spray for spiders since I have seen some sort of bug on a blanket that looked sort of like a white spider and it was moving fuzz around.  I also saw one on my back porch door but stupid me forgot to try to catch it.

Can you help me at all?
Nancy Lawson
 61Nancy Lawson
Southeastern Citrus Expo Set for Nov. 15-16 in ClantonPending
Is there going to be a class on growing blueberries and blackberries?  i live in the Huntsville area and want to develop an orchard of these.
Thank you,
Ron Casto
 60Ron Casto
Wearable Computers Could Make Steep Inroads into Farming, Experts SayApproved
The price of the Google Glass device today is $1,500 for people in the 'Explorers' program.  However, the estimated street price of Google Glass in the range of $299-$499 when it's anticipated to announce likely in first half of 2014.
 59Bruce Rasa
Wearable Computers Could Make Steep Inroads into Farming, Experts SayPending
This would be great, I could aid technicians in plant Id while I'm working on another project. Almost as good as being in two places at once. Any idea what it all will cost?
 58Bob Patton
Alabama Cooperative Extension System Educators Win AwardsPending
Congrats ladies and thank you for representing Alabama and EFNEP with such style and class!
 57sheree russell
Extension Food Safety Team Introducing New Generations to Home Food PreservationPending
How do you make Apple Cider Vinegar?
 56Betty Carey
Alabama Extension Specialist, Auburn Researcher Gaining New Insights into Behavior and Control of the Kudzu BugPending
I also live in the Grayson Valley area and have just noticed these bugs in the past week or so. I find the smell to be unlike anything else, and it lingers. There's a large kudzu patch near our house. How do I get rid of them?
2013 Fredric Rosemore 4-H Patriotism Essay Winners AnnouncedPending
nice post. Great article.....
 54Merajul Islam
Alabama Extension Specialist, Auburn Researcher Gaining New Insights into Behavior and Control of the Kudzu BugPending
I have lived in Grayson Valley (near Trussville) for 8 years, and have never seen these bugs until several weeks ago. Their numbers are multiplying rapidly, and I am afraid of them! They cover my car in the afternoon, my porch and front door (facing west), and my 2nd floor west windows. I would not be able to have anyone come to clean my carpets or heating vents without having a swarm of the bugs infesting my house.

What are we going to do for quick fix and long run?

Deaconess Anderson
 53Deaconess Margaret Anderson
State’s Residents Should Be on Watch for Kudzu Eating InsectPending
very useful article
Alabama Extension Specialist, Auburn Researcher Gaining New Insights into Behavior and Control of the Kudzu BugPending
I have found numerous kudzu bugs on my pole beans. This is the first year I have had them on my farm.
Thank you for the research updates!
 48Sheila Dicks
New ACES Initiative to Enhance Rural Development Along Old Federal Road in AlabamaPending
Interesting; but there is additional info in the Mississippi Territorial Papers about the federal mail road portion that extended west from Ft Stoddert.  Look for letters to and from Harry Toulmin; he was the Postmaster at Ft Stoddert at the time.  There are a (very) few maps that show it as well.

I've done a bit of research on it, have many photos, and have written a couple articles.  There have been a lot of challanges by "historians" but, their approach is mostly superficial and seem to be based on political considerations rather than verifiable info.

For example, Sutherland mentions Pascagoula as one of the places the road went.  It appears that he read the territorial papers where it mentions "to the Pascagoula" and did not look at the maps from the period.  In 1807 the Chickasawhay River was called the East "Pascagoula."

Well, you get the idea; forget about what you want to find and you'll find a lot more.
 47Gerald F. Miller (Mueller)
Master Gardener Helpline Now OpenPending
Can I plant knock out roses now that it's getting hot. Please help .
 45Yvonne elmore
What Causes Tree Failure in StormsPending
May I use the photo that you have of house damage from a tree to use in a newsletter?

Since the comments are moderated I decided to see -- I would not post this type of request publically.

Thank you.
 44Kent Gardner
Extension Specialist Wins AwardPending
Excellent work deserves to be celebrated and we in ACES celebrate your accomplishments. You are the breath and conscience of ACES and we are very proud of your accomplishments. Have a great day!
 41Dr. Jesse LaPrade
The Growing Rogues Gallery of Food-Borne Pathogens — and What You Can Do about ItPending
“One of the first rules of thumb in food safety is either to cook or, in this case, to reheat a product according to instructions specified on the packaging,” - If only we would take heed of such a simple instruction!
 40Graham Price
Master Gardener Helpline Now OpenPending
When will the next Master Gardener class be taught in Birmingham?
 39Carter E. Anthony
Master Gardener Helpline Now OpenPending
I am interested in starting a small business in selling Vinca "Myrtle".
My concern is in what supplies, such as planting materials, are proper for both the health of the potted plant and the retail/wholesale sales of the plants.
The Vinca grows in abundance in my property and is very hardy.
Please advise me of any regulations and suppliers that would be helpful for my small business needs.
My family enjoys the Master Gardner sales each year and have many unique specimens we have purchased. All have lived well.
Our appreciation of your services cannot be expressed fully, but Thank You All so very much. Teresa
 38Teresa Johnson
Extension Rural Tourism Conference Benefits Communities in Numerous WaysPending
I am the Alabama Regional Vice President of Family Motor Coach Associartion (F.M.C.A.)  We are having our Friendship Rally at C and C Camping, 30 Champion lane, Lincoln, Al 35096 on June 5-9, 2013.  We are in need of presentors for a couple of seminars during this rally.  Time would be no more than 1 (0ne) hour each, on Thrusday and Friday.  If you could help make this rally a success, please get in touch with me at the above e-mail address or call me at: 256-520-6773

Thanking you in advance for your help in this matter.
 37Jim Duncan
Alabama Extension Poultry Team Educating Consumers about Dynamics of U.S. Poultry IndustryPending
Antibiotics used for growth promotion are not used in human medicine. Antibiotics used for treatment of poultry disease are occasionally used in human  medicine.
 36Joseph Giambrone
Alabama Extension Poultry Team Educating Consumers about Dynamics of U.S. Poultry IndustryPending
I'd like to receive an answer from Tony Glover's question above.
 35Alberta S Harris
Alabama Extension Poultry Team Educating Consumers about Dynamics of U.S. Poultry IndustryPending
Can you talk a little about low doses of antibiotics for weight gain vs treatment for infections?
 34Tony Glover
Extension Agent Offers Five Saving Strategies to Help You Start Saving in 2013Pending
Pass on to family members.
 33Dorothy Horton
Extension Administrator Reacquainting Alabamians with Overlooked Economic GiantPending
We had a dairy farm and didn't pick cotton. Last fall I passed by a field that was using one of the new pickers which makes rolls of cotton.  The owner let ride in it and I got several pictures and did a blog story for GRIT magazine about our Alabama harvest going on the the area.  Farmers in Nebraska didn't know we had to defoliate cotton before picking.  Here is a link to the blog post.
 32Mary Carton
Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference Slated for FebruaryPending
Sorry we missed this conference in 2013. Since Canology sells canning supplies we'd love to be able to share your expertise with our customers. So please place us on your mailing list for 2014.
 31Andre Barber
First Don’t Be Bugged Webinar Slated for Early FebruaryPending
I'd love to see one of these on yellow jackets!
Don’t Fret about Wheat Belly, Extension Nutritionist AdvisesPending
I have cut wheat from my diet for the past 3 weeks and I have already lost 4 kilos.  I feel great and I am losing my belly fat.  You can get all of your necessary fiber, vitamins and minerals from a range of vegetables and fruits. Advocados, artichokes, pears, rasberries, broccoli, apples, almonds are all great sources of fiber.
Don’t Fret about Wheat Belly, Extension Nutritionist AdvisesApproved
I am wondering if you would list some of the major "research" that has gone into the MyPlate recommendations? 
Don’t Fret about Wheat Belly, Extension Nutritionist AdvisesApproved
Reminds me of the tobacco apologists of the 70s and 80s.

Humans are not capable of properly digesting grains of any sort. Ruminants, with their multiple stomachs that can convert grains into fatty acids, can, although they probably shouldn't, either.

What do you think farmers feed their livestock to "fatten them up" prior to slaughter? Yes, grains. Why do you think that is?

Since dropping wheat, and all grains, my wife and I have lost over 100 lbs, are no longer diabetic, have eliminated medications we'd been taking for years and are the healthiest we've been in over 2 decades.

Wheat... you can have it!
 27Noel McGran
Don’t Fret about Wheat Belly, Extension Nutritionist AdvisesApproved
Since when did wheat become a food Group.  Since never.  Wheat is a cheap way to fill the unsuspecting masses that they are merely being poisoned.

Wheat Belly has almost 300 references with an amazing amount of research.  Dr. Fasano and his large teams of highly respected Drs. have concluded that without a doubt the gliadins and lectings in wheat are behind dozens of diseases. 

My family has seen wheat as the cause of cancer and nervous system disorders.

The MyPlate garbage is just a default subsidy for big agri-buseiness, medicine, and big pharma.
 26stuart s.
Crayton Elected to National Dietitian Board for 2012-2013Approved
I like this write up.
 25Kajuandra Harris
Extension Diabetes & Childhood Obesity Conference April 22-24 in MontgomeryApproved
I was trying to find out information about the 12th annual conference you may be holding. I am from Columbus GA and have heard about the conference you all have in Montgomery. However, I have been unable to find out any information for 2013 conference opportunities. If you could tell me any information or where to find it that would be wonderful.
Thank you,
Katherine Hines, RD, LD, CDE
 24Katherine Hines
Beekeeping Symposium Slated for Early FebruaryPending
This information is incorrect.  Since it is now 2013 & the date is fast approaching for the symposium, would you please update this information?
Many people look for the information on your website. 

Thank you
 23Pamela Hammond
Sign Up Now for Annie’s Project Seminar Series in St. Clair CountyPending
Here is the correct link for online registration

Ruth Brock's email is
 22Ruth Brock
Sign Up Now for Annie’s Project Seminar Series in St. Clair CountyApproved
thanks for your post its a great idea...
 21cara pemesanan tricajus
Cash Donations Are Most EffectiveApproved
Good information will share with community group.
 20Sheron Mitchell
Extension Supports Cultural Diversity by Participating in Tribal PowwowApproved
I enjoyed reading information about this tribe of Native Peoples.  I always enjoy learning more about the cultures who were first here in this state, and how they overcame hardships, and still remain a strong people today.  Thanks to Dr. Waddy for your cultural involvement with all tribes, nationally recognized, or not.  Sincerely, Mandy Marks
 19Maranda Marks
Kudzu Bugs: Annoying and Smelly PestApproved
Wow...thanks so much. I found this in my bed this morning and I was freaking out because I thought it was a tic.
 18Daniel Sullen
Get Ready Alabama! Here Comes Body Quest: Food of the WarriorApproved
i love this program yall come to sipsey school on friday
 17caleb austin freeman
Safety Training for the Green Industry in AlabamaApproved
This article is currently out of date. It badly needs to be revised. This training took place in 2006.We do need to do it again but there has been no request by the Alabama Nursery Association.
 14Jesse Cobb LaPrade
Alabamians Need to Be Prepared for Isaac: Stock Up on Basic Items NowApproved
I lived in Miami for 20 years, and the other thing we did when a hurricane was comming is fill baththubs with water. If water is interupted, that water can be used to flush toiletts, and washing.
One of the big things after Andrew, was noone had clean clothes
 13Rhona Watson
Chilton Food Innovation Center Formally Launches May 1Pending
Chilton Food Center how do I contac  them
 12       Guy Tatum
Community Foresters Produce Cooperative Extension’s First Lecture DoodleApproved
The doodle is GREAT!  Super job on spreading the word about the benefits of trees in urban areas.
 11Ashley Smith
Community Foresters Produce Cooperative Extension’s First Lecture DoodlePending
I couldn't find any way to view the "doodle"?
Can you help me?

Thanks, Nels.
 10Nels Madsen
Calhoun County Extension Enhances Outdoor Learning through Nature Explore ClassroomsApproved
Great article.  It is so nice to read good things about what is going on in our community.  Our youth need positive things to keep them busy and interested.  We have something here to celebrate!
 9Patricia Patty
Calhoun County Extension Enhances Outdoor Learning through Nature Explore ClassroomsApproved
It is exciting to see Calhoun County School System's own Wellborn Elementary School certified as the second Nature Explore Classroom in the state along with Cane Creek Community Gardens as the third.
It is a very interesting article! 

 own Wellborn Elementary
 8Janice Cain
Chilton Food Innovation Center Formally Launches May 1Approved
Wow...what a phenomenal idea! I am so happy to see projects like this developing in Alabama.  It helps our state have a more progressive, forward-thinking, collaborative image.  Great job, Folks!
 3Lisa Boshell
Extension Publication Aimed At Putting Down Roots—Tree Roots
Picture: Richard Feuerriegel
Richard Feuerriegel
Spec VI, Info Tech
ACES-Ag Information Technology
To buy a copy of ANR-1405, go to .
 1Richard Feuerriegel