Food Safety

Aug 26
It is Tailgating Time Again: Don't Forget Food Safety
Jun 02
Alabama Extension Offering Alabama Cottage Food Law Training
May 20
Extension at Work in Southeast Asia
Feb 04
Food Entrepreneur Conference, Feb. 27-28 in Prattville
Jan 13
Raw Milk May Be Chic, but It’s Still Risky, Experts Say
Nov 05
Follow Food Safety Basics over the Holidays, Food Safety Expert Advises
Nov 05
A Rogue’s Gallery of Potential Holiday Food Pathogens and How to Safeguard against Them
Oct 25
Don’t Let Turkey Be Your Undoing at Thanksgiving, Food Safety Expert Cautions
Oct 24
Consumers Returning to Pressure Cooking and Canning to Prepare Game Meat
Oct 09
Food Safety Expert: Athens Outbreak Underscores Importance of Safeguarding against Salmonella
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